Echoes from the Past



My contributions to this project, Echoes from the Past, included a collection of tunes accumulated over my entire career.  Influences are included here aside from a few originals from sources such as Fernando Sor’s Study in Bm from the classical inspirations to guitarists John Fahey and Leo Kottke and of course The Beatles.  Friends and fellow troubadours Gove Scrivenor and Pat McCune made the final cut as well along with a couple of beautiful arrangements by my own guitar teacher of over 40 years, David Walbert.  I am also truly honored to have participated on my friend Michael Fixes dynamic masterpiece, Echoes from the Past.  

During a couple of tours spanning several years when I toured through Australia, I was thrilled to spend some time with Michael, clearly one of Australia’s finest guitarists.  We played a few shows together, recorded in his studio, and even witnessed a giant Anaconda venturing out of his attic during one of the recording sessions as it was clearly on a scouting mission for some fast food.  Although the snake moved slower than me in the morning so we got bored and went back into the studio.

Included in this project are a couple of my 6 and 12 string guitars and an absolute boatload of gratitude to Michael for salvaging this material and bringing all of these tunes to life with his exceptional playing and a heroic reassurance that these duets would eventually see the light of day.  Truly honored to share the experience of playing music with one of the kindest and most talented guitarists I have ever met.

Richard Gilewitz

Michael Fix and Richard Gilewitz