A collection of works by Richard Gilewitz spans a 30+ year career, from his first vinyl record "Somewhere In Between" and his CD' s to his newest singles in downloadable format. Forever the natural teacher, these works include performance DVD's, educational books and Software Discs for the student of guitar and ukulele.

(GillaZilla Records) 2018 - CD

Fuschia Circle North
(GillaZilla Records) 2017 - Single

First Lessons: Fingerstyle Ukulele
(Mel Bay Publications) 2016 - Book

Echoing Gilewitz
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Minuet for the Backroads
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Mr. Sputnik
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Mr. Sputnik
(GillaZilla Records) 2013 - Single

Tater Gun Strut
(GillaZilla Records) 2013 - Single

Fingerstyle Narratives
(TrueFire) 2012 Software Disc

Slide Guide
(TrueFire) 2012 Software Disc

Tasmania Live
(GillaZilla Records) 2011 - CD

Jump Start - Fingerstyle Guitar
(TrueFire) 2011 Software Disc

Jump Start - Acoustic Guitar
(TrueFire) 2011 Software Disc

Guitar Foundations
(TrueFire) 2009 Software Disc

Strings for a Season
(GillaZilla Records) 2008 - CD

(TrueFire) 2008 Software Disc

Richard Gilewitz, Live at Charlotte's Web
(Mel Bay Publications) 2007 - DVD

Live at 2nd Street Theater
(GillaZilla Records) 2006 - CD

All-Time Favorite Fingerpicking Guitar Tunes, Volume One
(Mel Bay Publications) 2006 - DVD

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop
(Mel Bay Publications) 2005 - Book, CD, DVD

Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Volume 3
(Mel Bay Publications) 2005 - Book, CD

(GillaZilla Records) 2004 - CD

All Star Guitar Night
(Mel Bay Publications) 2002 DVD

Fingerstyle Guitar Selections
(GillaZilla Music) 2002 - Book

Dirt To Dust
(mp3.com compilation ) 2001

Richard Gilewitz Music and Instruction for Fingerstyle Guitar
(Peavey Electronics) 2000 Video

The Music of David Walbert
(GillaZilla Records) 2000 - CD

Synapse Collapse
(GillaZilla Records ) 1997 - CD

Performance Video
(Alligator Alley Productions) 1996 - [out of print]

Instructional Video
(Alligator Alley Productions) 1995 - [out of print]

Voluntary Solitary
(GillaZilla Records) 1994 - CD

The Richard Gilewitz Songbook
(Armadillo Press) 1993 - Book

Somewhere In Between
(Hacker Backer Records) 1992 - Vinyl [out of print]