Live At 2nd Street Theater

Richard Gilewitz Live at 2nd Street Theater

The Last Steam Engine Train
Gove's Tune

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Nobody does "Live" like Richard with his stories, tales from the road, tunes in the middle, and surprise special guests. Finally - after years of performing, recording in studios, and the fact that he finally got tired of hearing so many attendees come up to him after the shows asking, "which one of these have the do flies have necks story on them" or "where's the one that has the story about you sticking your head in a ceiling fan twice in a row" while waving his current four CDs in the air - Live at 2nd Street Theater has been released.

Recorded live from a single evening on August 20, 2005, at the 2nd Street Theatre in Bend, Oregon, this newest project conveys what many fans already know - Richard is a very, very funny guy. The CD starts off with a rousing "Gove's Tune" and "Thumbsing", makes its way through neck snaps and capos, picks up a favorite Leo Kottke tune "Mona Ray" and opens the gate for more music and fun with Radim Zenkl joining Richard on stage. What a treat to hear these two master players with guitar and mandolin complementing each other on four tunes back to back with "the Maison Blanche Exit Song", "Minuet for the Backroads", "The Last Steam Engine Train", and "Study in Bm". Richard continues on with his take on wigs, a medley of "Echoing Gilewitz/Daughter of Pete's Feet", adventures of playing music at schools, "Available Space", a Ry Cooder tune, and "Synapse Collapse".

This 46-minute CD with 13 tracks of songs and stories is fresh, loose, and live with an audience that can barely contain their enjoyment of the evening. As it captures the energy of Richard's performance, it's definitely what we have been waiting for to add to our collection of GillaTunes!

Track List of songs and their composers. All songs performed by Richard Gilewitz with Radim Zenkl joining in on four tracks.

Richard Gilewitz Live at 2nd Street Theater - crowd


  1. Gove's Tune - Gove Scrivenor
  2. Thumbsing - Richard Gilewitz
  3. Neck Snap, Throat capo - Story by Richard Gilewitz
  4. Mona Ray - Leo Kottke
  5. The Maison Blanche Exit Song - Richard Gilewitz
  6. Minuet for the Backroads - Gove Scrivenor
  7. The Last Steam Engine Train - Traditional
  8. Study in Bm - Fernando Sor
  9. Walbert, Wigs, and Nope - Story by Richard Gilewitz
  10. Echoing Gilewitz - Richard Gilewitz
    Daughter of Pete's Feet - Richard Gilewitz
  11. Most People are Dead - Story by Richard Gilewitz
  12. Available Space - Ry Cooder
  13. Synapse Collapse - Richard Gilewitz